Saturday, July 7, 2007

Dry Sac

Sometimes when I am at Whole Foods, and the general milling around of aisles in disbelief is not enough for me, I like to play a little game. All you need is a friend and a basic understanding of the Price is Right. Walk in and pick a category, such as bar soap* or bagged lettuce. Then you each pick a price point of what the most expensive item in this category will be... a $7 bar of soap? $10 say you?! All bets are off.

To further the fun of this, take advantage of a little policy they have at Whole Foods where any customer at any time can demand that you break open some outrageously expensive item for a "taste test". No need to purchase... and in fact, usually the sap that opened it for you will partake in the inevitable shit-talking that follows.

Yesterday I tried a soda from a company called "DRY". They sell 4 of these little guys for $7. Nice... I tried lavender (oooh, aaahh), though I could have gone for rhubarb, lemongrass, or kumquat. Nonetheless, it tasted like shit and was indeed as promised, dry. Kinda soapy. Not worth it, but a noble experience.

So now, armed with this info, get out there and try a $5 chocolate bar, $7 ice cream, or a bottle of Kombucha!

*When I played this game with recently, the most expensive bar of soap was $16. Fucking soap. Seriously...

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