Thursday, July 5, 2007

Why did I finish it?

Of note yesterday was a major faux pas on my part… I ate a Starbuck’s pastry. I was desperate for something to go with a cup of coffee, and it was the 4th of July and not much was open… so I did the deed and bought a bear claw from behind the glass case. I’m a sucker for a good pastry, and I love gooey fillings and almond topping, so I thought, how bad can it be? Well…

It was chewy. This is not the best descriptor for a pastry in my book. The middle was fairly soft with muddled brown filling (what is in a bear claw anyways?) but the edges were downright rubbery, like the edges of a pizza crust that have been in the microwave and then allowed to cool. Not good. There was little semblance of flake in the thing, instead layers were able to peel off the top like a string cheese. Not good. And, of most importance, it had a hint of banana... which in the world of sweet foods is as bad as detecting a "hint of fishiness" in savory foods. Not good.

Nonetheless, I ate the whole damn thing… I really wanted something sweet with my coffee (insert picture of hammering square peg in round hole). Good Lord why do I do these things?

* Sources tell me that Starbuck's pastries are able to keep for weeks at a time. So slap that image of some idiot in a green apron and an e-z bake oven in the back of the place (ala Subway sandwich bread) whipping you up something fresh from the oven.

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