Monday, November 24, 2008

Eat yr veggies!

Okay, I’m going to confess… I had a life altering experience while watching daytime TV some time ago. Montel Williams was a guest on Maury Povich (I know! I had to watch!). Apparently, Montel wrote a book all about how he made his multiple sclerosis go into remission. When pumped for details, Montel got very still, looked intently into the eyes of Maury, and said, “I started eating more vegetables.”

Tucked in on my little couch, my eyed glossed over, and something inside me tipped. Here, a total douche said something so simple, touted by mothers, doctors, and now even the FDA. And for some reason, this time I listened.

Instinctually, we crave simple, abundant, raw food. Imagine if you will, meandering among the tundra say, 10,000 years ago, and you get a little rumble in the belly. Filling up on leaves and nuts would have been much less taxing than making cheese, raising a cow, or inventing a pizza bagel. Vegetables were the fast-food of back-in-the-day. Our bodies are most at home with them.

Critics argue, “I don’t like vegetables.” Well, your body likes vegetables! After a few weeks on the green train, my mood improved, I was regular as a utility bill, with the vigor of a born-again. Oh snap! Sorrel swathed the back of my front teeth with a lemony zing. Mexican avocados, like little black stones, fit inside my palm, buttery and fat. Cauliflower, in her white ruffled winter coat, sings a song when bathed in b├ęchamel.

If you are still at a loss or where to begin, start seasonal. Shop at the farmers market and get in touch with the wonders of what each new month has to offer. Soon enough, the promise of springtime asparagus will be as exciting as Christmas morn. Further, your food will taste better. Out-of-season produce tastes like crap and we all know it. Finally, fresh, local, seasonal veggies have way better (yes, that is a scientific term) nutritional value than their foreign, cold-weather friends.

“You absolutely need this stuff. And you’re going to love it! Because it tastes like liquid heaven.” Montel Williams, ladies and gentleman.

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