Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Organic Pastures kombucha.

Gnarly, energy giving, microbe housing, fermented tea served up in a brown beer bottle. It's a little sweet, pH tangy, and faintly fizzy. Rumor has it, it cures just about anything. Grab a bottle for breakfast at their stand in Vineyard Farmer's Market on Saturday morning.

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Anonymous said...

Organic pastures used to be the largest distributor of clean wholesome, 100% grass fed raw milk. THEY HAVE RECENTLY CHANGED THIS FACT. Without their customers knowledge or approval, they started feeding their cows CORN! They're also using so called "organic mineral supplement". As most health advocates know, corn is horribly unhealthy and will in turn make the milk an unhealthy source of sugar (weight gain). This company has turned against it's customers and is hoping that the customers won't notice. Check out their website for verification that this product is now poisoned with CORN and artificial supplements. Their products are no longer clean, their cows are no longer 100% grass fed. Please post something warning their customers that Organic Pastures has gone to the dark side. Thank you.