Thursday, December 10, 2009

Most Processed. Food. Ever!

My husband likes to say that baked goods are the gateway to processed foods. Wheat is stripped of all its nutty brown, sugar cane is boiled, baked, and made sparking white, and then you add in a generous dose of corn oil, vanilla extract, and voilĂ : cake!

The internet phenomenon of cake pops takes it to a whole new level. First, take a box of cake mix (preferable red velvet with loads of red dye in it) and crumble the baked cake into a can or frosting. Form this slurry into little balls and shape into whatever you’d like (think Play-Doh people). This is then dipped into coating chocolate (aka sugar, oil, flavor) and decorated.

Okay. Despite all this… I cannot help myself! The idea of a mini cupcake on a stick, coated in chocolate is about as American as it gets. And damn cute.
Don’t make a habit of it, but come on! Just look at these things!