Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A cluck-cluck here...

Yes, that IS the headline from the cover story in the Fresno Bee on Monday... I've gone on the record in support of my illegal chickens! Risky? Yes. But I had to take a stand! I figure if it does not go well (aka The Man comes to take away the gals) it would be my call to arms to see if I can change the ordinance! Or, I could just chill out for a while more if no one really cares.

What I did NOT expect were the thrashing of comments on the online post. Dear lord! I have been implicated of the following:
1. Causing avian flu
2. Loosing Bee readers
3. Being a hipster
4. Not being in touch with my food source
5. Being too in touch with my food source
6. The reason Google did not choose Fresno
7. Having a yard full of feces and parasites
8. Being white
9. Not being white
10. Starving people (by virtue of disrupting the conventional ag system that does so much to feed the world by mass production).

Strangely, not much about whether urban chickens are morally wrong... Hmmmm...

Curious? Read for yourself and join in on the conversation!